Jeannette is a gifted channel working primarily with Archangel Raphael
and Archangel Michael. She has communicated with these Archangels
since a very young age and brings to you their wisdom and guidance.

She is a full body channel of both Archangel Raphael and Archangel
Michael.  During a reading or healing session, she moves into her auric
field and the Archangel that she is channeling will then move into her
body. This allows the client to be able to be in the full presence of the
Archangel and get a more accurate reading or healing session. The
Archangel will then speak through Jeannette to the client which allows the
client to actually communicate, in person, with an Archangel. For more
information on readings and healing sessions see the bottom of this page.

Jeannette is also a Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal healer. She has been
working with crystals since a very young age and has been a working with
Reiki since 1997. She teaches courses on Reiki, Crystal Healing, The
Archangels, Manifestation and the Chakra System.
How Jeannette found Reiki:

Jeannette has been working with the sacred Reiki energy since 1997.  She
was guided to this healing form when she experienced a terrible car
accident in 1997.  Through the use of Reiki she was able to heal herself:
mind, body, and spirit; and surprised the doctors through her speedy and
complete recovery.  In 2000 she received her Reiki I attunement and
began working on herself and others: her beloved pets, friends, family,
and clients.  She received her Reiki Master attunement in 2002 and has
since been teaching Reiki.

Coming soon!  My Journey
Jeannette's personal story about how she came to know and work
with the Archangels, crystals, and Reiki.

Readings with Archangel Raphael:

Do you have questions you need answers to? Want more information about
your life path? Need guidance? Jeannette will channel Archangel Raphael
and he will provide you the answers that you seek.

Phone sessions are 45 minutes for $85
(includes an audio tape of the session- $7.95 S/H apply)     

For every 15 minutes thereafter- $30

If you would like to schedule a reading please contact us via email
or by clicking the link below to go to the contact us form.
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Payment is required 48 hours prior to your scheduled session.
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Guest Speaker:

If you would like to have Jeannette speak at your event regarding
Archangels, crystals, Reiki, or channel a message from Archangel Raphael
for the group; please contact us at
Angelic Waves of Light
Jeannette- Archangel channel