A Message from Archangel Raphael
November 2005
Transmitted through Jeannette Dobransky
Copyright © Angelic Waves of Light 2005-2013

Meet The Archangels- Part I

of your day and how things are going.  Keep us informed on how you are doing.  of your day and how
things are going.  Keep us informed on how you are doing.  You don’t have to just speak to us when you
feel that times are getting rough.  We love to be part of the joy as well as help you out when you feel the
need to call.  Feel free to ask the Archangels anything that is of concern to you or if you are just seeking
knowledge.  Please, reflect on my words and do ask questions as this is to be a dialog that we are
beginning here.  We do enjoy having conversations with you.  For when you do need assistance it will
be easier to ask if you feel as though we are friends rather than all powerful Archangels.  Do take us off
of that pedestal and treat us more as a close confidant, for that is what we are for you.
us more as a close confidant, for that is what we are for you.

Now, just a quick review from our last conversation…  
When asking for assistance remember it is all in your intention.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, the
more simple the request the more freedom we have to work in.  Be specific, but not limiting.  Such as, “I
need the money to fix my car and I need it fixed in two days.”  That is specific, but very limiting.  Your
real request should have been for us to aid you in getting transportation to work, rather than fixing your
car.  Look past the immediate need and try to see the bigger picture before you make a request.  In this
fashion, your request will be less limiting and it will also help you see past the situation and move
forward.  For you see, we can see the big picture, we can see on a global vision of your life and your
path and therefore, we can bring about change and opportunities for you as well as answer your request.
The most important part in you asking the question is that you need to get out of the way, you need to
truly surrender, so that we are allowed to bring forth opportunities to you that you might not have thought
of on your own.  

There are many, many Archangels and each has been given a team of Angels to aid them in aiding you.  
As I’ve stated before one of our main jobs as Archangels is to aid you in your life, anything big or small
we are here to help.  It will take some time for you to remember and get acquainted with all of the
Archangels so we ask that if you were not sure which Angels to call on, you just ask for angelic
assistance and the appropriate Angels will be there for you.  But we do ask that you begin dialogs with
specific Archangels and that you begin to bring us more into your life so that we can, together, bring
about wondrous change.

Now I’d like to introduce you to some of my fellow Archangels.  Do note that many of the Archangels,
we’ll call them “expert areas” for lack of a better term, these expert areas overlap.  Given the situation,
you may be calling on two or more Archangels and their teams for help.  This is not to say that your
situation is so bad that you need the extra help.  It is just that we work as teams to help you and I wanted
to make sure that you knew, and got familiar with, everyone that is helping you when you ask for

Archangel Michael:
Archangel Michael is the Archangel of strength.  He is the protector of all and crusader of your cause.  If
you ever feel alone or that you are not being heard, call upon Archangel Michael.  His energy will
immediately surround you and protect you.  He will be a driving force to get you moving, get your
message out, and get things to happen for you.  He is the Archangel of anti-stagnation.  Stagnation doesn’t
exist when Archangel Michael is helping you.  Just be sure to get out of the way and not limit him when
you invoke is aid for he is the Archangel of change and creation.  If you need change in your life or know
that it is going to occur, call on Archangel Michael for he will bring about the change in the most
amazing ways for you for your Highest Good and the good of all.   

Archangel Michael is the Archangel of groups- societies, agencies, gatherings, whatever they may be
Archangel Michael aids in the communication and unification of the group.  If you are having trouble
with a group of people functioning together, call upon Archangel Michael to bless and direct the group.  
Call upon him at work when dealing with teams, groups, and co-workers.  

Archangel Michael is the Archangel of the armed services- all areas, all countries.  He is also the
Archangel of your local law enforcement and internal agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, SWAT, etc.  for
your local area and for all countries.  He is their protector and aids in any strategic planning when they
call upon his help.  You can call upon his help to aid these groups so that the decisions that are made are
ones of peace and for the Highest Good of all.

Archangel Michael is the Archangel of personal power, stature, success, ambition, goal setting,
advancement, promotion, etc.  Call upon him so that your ego is set aside and that these areas are
positive influences on your lives and those around you.  He will aid you in making just decisions for the
good of All rather than the good of the one.

Archangel Michael is the Archangel who can help you will admitting you are wrong, admissions of guilt
or wrong-doing.  It takes personal strength to admit your short comings and your mistakes.  He will aid
you in correcting these occurrences in your life and changing them to a positive outcome.

Archangel Michael works with Archangel Raphael, Archangel Sarina, Archangel Luke, and Archangel
Beatrice when you want to release emotions, karmic issues, cellular memory energies, and moving old
stuck energy for your improved health and well-being.

Archangel Bridget:
Archangel Bridget deals with the changes that come about when you embrace your path, your life’s
work.  Archangel Bridget can help you find your path and key you in to what you came here to do.  She is
one to answer questions for you regarding what you agreed to do before incarnating in this lifetime.
Working with Archangel Beatrice you will get a  sense of who you are, what you came here to
accomplish/  As you heed her guidance you will feel a  sense of self-worth and accomplishment with
regards to your higher purpose.  You will experience shifts of consciousness and healing as you seek out
and fulfill your life’s work, your life mission.  Also invoke the aid and assistance of Archangel Michael
to create the change that is needed and to speed along the process.

Archangel Beatrice:
Archangel Beatrice works with all areas that culminate into your personal sense of well-being.  From
the emotional body to the physical body, Archangel Beatrice aids in moving and redefining the energies
that you store in your sacral, navel, and root chakras.  Many of you have an unpleasant experience in life
and instead of dealing with it you “stuff” it.  You decide that it is better to ignore it than to deal with it.  
A great deal of the energy created by these experiences gets housed in your lower chakras.  The energy
remains there and is added to as you have similar experiences.  If the energy and the experiences are not
processed and release, you will create dis-ease in your body.  Work with Archangel Beatrice to remove
and redefine these memories and experiences.  Work with her on releasing the energies.  Especially
work with Archangel Beatrice in ending the cycle you have created, your escape route that you have
engrained in yourself, that has become a reaction for you to stuff the emotion and experience rather than
deal with what is happening.  Archangel Beatrice can also help you in ways to deal with situations and
people that have caused you to relinquish your personal power and sense of self.  

Archangel Beatrice works with Archangel Luke when you are dealing with issues of fear, abandonment,
lack of self-worth, lack of self-love, etc.  Call upon Archangel Beatrice, Archangel Luke, and Archangel
Raphael when you want to release emotions ties to the areas of guilt, fear, abandonment, distrust, etc,
and emotions tied to a disease anywhere in the body.

Archangel Lilly:
Archangel Lilly handles all that has to do with gardens and vegetation.  She is the protector of the
Rainforests on your planet and any large vegetation area that is vital to the Earth’s well-being.  

Vegetable growing, natural foods, the outdoors; are all things Archangel Lilly can help you with.  She is
the Archangel of landscapers, planters, and farmers.  She also works with the divas, fairies, and the
gnomes- yes, there is a reason why people put statues of gnomes in their gardens.  I have to smile when I
see that, and so should you.

She works with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Marta when helping you to select the appropriate
foods, vitamins, and nutrition for the health and well-being of the body.  They are your team to go to
when looking for alternative medicines and ways to naturally heal the body.

Archangel Marta:
Archangel Marta is the Archangel of herbalism.  Ask for the aid of Archangel Marta when selecting
herbs to cook with and herbs for healing the body.  She will help you grow an herb garden and guide you
to what herbs grow well in your location.  

Archangel Marta is also adept in aroma therapy.  She will guide you to the smells and scents that support
healing and change in the body.  

Archangel Marta along with Archangel Lilly and Archangel Raphael can guide you to nutritional
supplements for the body.  

Archangel Thomas:
Archangel Thomas is the Archangel to call upon when dealing with all areas of driving.  He will guide
you away from traffic and road construction.  Archangel Thomas is that voice that you hear that says,
“Turn right here.”  For no reason were you thinking that you needed to turn right, but you do follow the
guidance and either get around traffic or wind up finding a new and easier route to your destination.  
Archangel Thomas will help you plan your driving trip; he is the Archangel of maps, sense of direction,
and City Planning.  It isn’t a coincidence that the book of road maps is called the Thomas Guide.

Archangel Matthew:
Archangel Matthew is the Archangel to help you will anything legal.  Archangel Matthew will help you
in finding a good lawyer, dealing with any kind of contract, writing legal documents, reading and
understanding legal documents.  Anything that is remotely of a legal aspect, Archangel Matthew is there
to guide you and help you.  Any situation that is of a legal matter surrender to Archangel Matthew.  He
and his team of Angels will see that the matter is handled to your Highest good and the good of all

Archangel Luke:
Archangel Luke is the Archangel of finances and investing.  Archangel Luke will help you plan out your
finances, create and stick to a budget.  He will guide you to the appropriate investments and aid you in
changing investments.  Now with that said, insure that your intention is clear, not of the ego, and that you
completely surrender the situation to Archangel Luke.  Money can cause people to do strange things as
they say, just know that it is in Divine Hands and turn it over to God and Archangel Luke.  Ask that your
money be cleansed and that it comes in from a pure source- that way what you create and send back into
the world with regards to money isn’t attached to ego or other negative thoughts or emotions.

Archangel Luke is the Archangel to turn to when dealing with fear, guilt, anger, and all of the unpleasant
emotions.  It is okay for you to experience the emotion but the issues arise when you stay in the emotion
and create thoughts and situations from the lasting emotional state.  Call upon Archangel Luke when
experiencing a negative emotion.  Ask that he aid you in moving through the experience.  Ask that you
learn what it is there to teach you and that it leave you thereafter.  If finding yourself dealing with these
emotions and not being able to release and let go, turn it over to Archangel Luke and Archangel
Michael.  Call upon myself, Archangel Raphael so that the emotion and situation does not encode energy
into your body.  Call upon the three of us to aid when dealing with people who are experiencing these
emotions to calm and transmit the situation and to transmute the emotions for the person experiencing

Archangel Raphael:
I am the Archangel who brings about the beginnings of change in your life.  When you get that first
nudging to make a change it is I who is tapping you on the shoulder.  

As many of you already know I am the Archangel of healing.  I, as well as other Archangels, are there at
every doctor appointment, physical therapy appointment, healing session, etc. - guiding the energies for
your supreme health.  All you need to do is allow the healing to occur and accept that you are healed and
you will increase these sessions a thousand fold.  It is your intention that gives us the permission to do
greater work for you.  The outcomes of appointments with doctors and the like will be to your Highest
Good and to your increased health.  The outcomes of healing sessions will be that you will experience
greater healing and you will unlock higher frequencies of energy codes in your body so that you can hold
and work with greater energies.

I am the Archangel who works with doctors when it comes to the areas of health, nutrition, diagnosis,
treatment, all areas of surgery, managing physical pain and discomfort.  I work the doctors as they make
decisions and provide you with information concerning all areas of health and well-being of your
physical form.  Just ask me to be present and aid the doctors in providing you with the best information
and treatment possible- that is how you invoke this process.

I am the Archangel who works with the transition of the corporal form.  I am there in the last minutes and
can aid you in making a pain-free transition.  

I am the Archangel who works with all areas of pregnancy.  Pregnancy and labor should be enjoyable
processes and I can aid in reducing the discomfort and physical pain.  I can provide you guidance in
selecting the appropriate foods for the body to avoid discomfort and provide the appropriate nutrients.  

When working on areas of nutrition, do also call upon Archangel Lilly and Archangel Marta- we work
as a team to aid you in these decisions.

These are just a few of my wondrous colleges of the Light.  I am so pleased to share this information
with you and I do hope that you seek out their guidance and insight.  Allow the Archangels to empower
you, to guide you, and most of all to befriend you.  We are your allies and are here to help make things
easier for you.  We love it when you enjoy and embrace life.  Allow us to help you and walk with you,
you will be so amazed at what will be accomplished when you allow us to be a part of your life.  Let
this information sink into your hearts and know that the Archangels are here for you.  I will speak further
of this topic with you and introduce you to more of the Legions of the Light.

I am Archangel Raphael, I enfold you all in the Golden White Light of God and I embrace you with the
everlasting love of the Archangels.  Be at peace my beloved friends.    

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